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Are you looking for the right content management system to create your documentation? SCHEMA ST4 is one of the most widely used XML content management systems for technical documentation.

Introducing and deploying SCHEMA ST4

Complex documents made easy

We are your competent partner for the introduction of SCHEMA ST4. As a Quanos gold partner, we provide you with advice and support through the entire introduction phase. Our approach to this is both methodical and practice-oriented – your requirements are our highest priority.

We have bundled our experience from numerous SCHEMA ST4 introduction projects into our holistic procedure model.

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Technical content management with SCHEMA ST4

Enjoy benefits that go beyond a project

Are you looking for a professional documentation service provider with SCHEMA ST4 expertise? Then you’re in the right place – technical documentation is our core competency. As a certified Quanos Content Solutions service provider and consultancy, we have the know-how not only to support you, but also to continually advise you should you decide to expand your use of the system.

Depending on your needs, we can support your content management either as an individual project or with full service including graphic production and translation management.

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Translation with SCHEMA ST4

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You are already using SCHEMA ST4 and need concrete support in your translation processes or want to outsource your translation tasks to a service provider? Our translation project management team can offer you comprehensive support.

As a certified Quanos Content Solutions translation service provider, we work with translations from SCHEMA ST4 on a daily basis: from translation exports to translation project management using TMS and on to post-processing in SCHEMA ST4 Layout Recall.

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Quanos InfoCube

Introduction of the Content Delivery Server Quanos InfoCube may entail a number of different tasks that we can support you through.


The main source of material to be made available through the Quanos InfoCube is usually content from the content management system. Such content is often not yet sufficiently classified for faceted sorting.

Benefits and services

We make the difference

We support you in supplementing your content with the required metadata. With SCHEMA ST4 as your content management system, you can use taxonomies for this.

The introduction may involve other tasks such as:

  • Comparison of the content management system’s existing variant management with the specifications for single-source publication on the Quanos InfoCube
  • Development or adjustment of publication processes with the SCHEMA OMD (Online Media Designer)
  • Adjustment and localisation of the Quanos InfoCube front-end interfaces to the company’s corporate design
  • Classification and adjustment of unstructured data such as supplier documents or training materials to make them usable in the Quanos InfoCube
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SCHEMA ST4 is a flexible and multifunctional tool. We will provide you with comprehensive training in how to best use this complex tool to meet your needs in the most efficient manner possible.


Take advantage of our SCHEMA ST4 training

To share our know-how from countless SCHEMA ST4 projects with you, we are offering SCHEMA ST4 training sessions tailored precisely to your needs. The training combines necessary theoretical background knowledge with demonstrations and the chance to try things out directly in the content management system.

You will not just learn about the functions of SCHEMA ST4 with us. In a systematic, step-by-step approach, we will show you how you can best reach your goals with the opportunities offered by SCHEMA ST4. You will get to solve training exercises for every training topic. Our goal is to impart the knowledge you need to work as independently as possible in your everyday content management work.

Training sessions can be held either at our offices in Friedrichshafen or online.
Contact us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from you!



Customer-specific training

We will get you ready

A system introduction should ideally be followed by our training sessions. As the system’s future user, you profit from our ability to conduct training using your existing content and customer-specific system configuration. A subsequent coaching session, conducted upon request, reinforces your proficiency with the system and the new working methods.


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Many of our projects have already been successfully carried out with SCHEMA ST4. You can learn more about our approach and solutions in our reports on completed projects. The success stories are currently only available in German.

We have already successfully used the content management system to create and publish documents for the following customers:


We are a gold partner of Quanos Content Solutions and have been certified as a consultant, service provider and translation services provider. We are thus qualified to offer you outstanding SCHEMA full service:

We always have the latest version of SCHEMA on hand. As a gold partner, we additionally provide you with individual support along with your purchase of SCHEMA ST4.

We offer you holistic consulting on the realisation of your technical documentation with SCHEMA – from design and configuration all the way to translation and data management.

Our employees are extremely well versed in SCHEMA thanks to specialised training courses. We will gladly create your technical documentation with SCHEMA ST4 and also support you in an editorial capacity.

Working in SCHEMA is second nature to us, which makes for a consistently smooth translation process. From the export of the texts to the actual translation and on to integration of the new language content.

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